Environment NGOs react to another ‘emergency’ approval of bee-killing pesticides

2024-01-18T16:57:32+00:0018 January 2024|General news|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Thursday 18 January 2024 The Pesticide Collaboration calls for the UK Government to end the cycle of permitting the ‘emergency’ use of banned pesticide thiamethoxam.  The [...]

Health, Environment and Social Justice: putting pesticides on the Labour Party’s agenda

2023-10-17T14:47:28+01:0017 October 2023|General news|

Last week, we attended the Labour Party conference in Liverpool. There was a buzz in the air, with many people predicting  that this will be the last conference season before [...]

Designing Pesticide Reduction Targets For The UK: A Report by Baskut Tuncak

2023-09-20T13:45:29+01:0011 July 2023|General news|

The draft National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (NAP) said: "We will establish a set of clear targets to support the reduction of risk associated with pesticide [...]

New report from ShareAction calls for investors to take action on pesticides

2023-03-29T09:58:28+01:0029 March 2023|General news|

A new briefing from responsible investment charity and Pesticide Collaboration member ShareAction points to the severe impacts pesticides have on biodiversity, and calls on pesticide companies and their investors to [...]

The Pesticide Collaboration demands higher standards in delayed government pesticide plan

2023-03-28T15:16:50+01:0024 March 2023|General news|

The next National Action Plan on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (NAP) was due to be published in 2018. However, here we are 5 years later, still without a published [...]

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