Sixty years later, book that launched environmental movement exposes Government’s inaction on pesticides

2022-09-27T10:42:51+01:0027 September 2022|General news|

The UK Government's "dither and delay" approach to pesticide policy continues to put the health of our natural world at serious risk, sixty years after author Rachel Carson first [...]

NEW REPORT “Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer of UK Rivers”

2022-08-18T11:37:35+01:0018 August 2022|General news, Uncategorised|

Steph Morren has written this blog, introducing a new report from Wildfish, RSPB, Buglife and The Pesticide Collaboration called Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer of UK Rivers. “The most [...]

National Food Strategy: a half-baked attempt to reform the food system

2022-06-16T14:16:48+01:0016 June 2022|General news, Pesticides and food|

On Monday, the Government published it's food strategy white paper – the much anticipated response to the National Food Strategy, authored by restauranteur Henry Dimbleby. In his introduction, Dimbleby said: [...]

Tackling “Big Apple”: Lessons in Pesticide Campaigning

2022-04-27T14:11:16+01:0027 April 2022|Series: Lessons in Pesticide Campaigning|

Set up to urgently reduce pesticide-related harms in the UK, we at The Pesticide Collaboration are taking a closer look at pesticide campaigns over the last sixty years. For [...]

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